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Automatically sync your supplier invoices, credits, and price book

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Corys invoices, credit notes, purchase orders and price books now automatically sync to Fergus.

To get your invoices out faster, and cash flowing quicker, follow the setup instructions below or watch our Fergus TradeHub video:

1. To get started, login to your Corys Advantage account:

2. Click the ⚙ Settings button and click API Key Manager

3. Enter your user details, and select Fergus as your Solution Provider

4. Click the green Generate a new API Key button

5. Click OK on the verification message

6. Copy the generated key and paste it into Fergus ⚙ Settings > Integration Centre > Corys

Congratulations, your Corys account is now in sync with Fergus!

Upon receipt of files, Invoices and Credits may take up to an hour to be available in Fergus. Meanwhile, price books sync and update once a month.

API Key Expiry

To ensure data security, Cory’s API keys expire every 12 months. Once it’s expired, you will need to get another Key from Cory's and update your Fergus Cory's Settings.


If your invoices are not syncing or your purchase orders are not going through, make sure you've set the supplier name to Corys in ⚙ Settings > Price Books:

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