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Invite New Users to Fergus (Essentials)
Invite New Users to Fergus (Essentials)

How to invite a user to add into Fergus

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Everyone who needs to log time or be scheduled to jobs in Fergus needs a login.
This article will go over how to invite a user into Fergus.

Add a New User

To add a user, click on your profile icon then click ⚙ Settings > Users and click the Add New User button in the top right:

You'll be asked to fill in the details for the new user:

Please note: Email is always required for account creation

From there, you have two options to send a user invitation:

Send Email Invitation

Select Send user an Email invitation before you hit Save.

Send SMS

Select Send user an SMS invitation before hitting Save.

The user will then receive an email/SMS where he/she can set up the account password with the pre-filled login email field.

Nice work! You're all set to use Fergus!

You also have an option to send the invite later or re-send the invite from the user profile should you need to.

For more details on how to manage or set up user accounts, you may refer to this article.

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