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Formatting your profile picture (Essentials)
Formatting your profile picture (Essentials)

Upload a photo to your Fergus account and choose a profile colour

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You can choose any colour you like for your profile and have this show up on the Calendar screen, as well as upload a profile picture.

When to use it

Choose colours to represent your users and their events in the calendar, and upload a photo to quickly identify your users.

How to use it

Change your own profile colour and photo

Hover over your profile photo in the top right of Fergus and click Change Avatar:

To edit your profile colour, click the drop button:

You'll see a colour picker appear. Click anywhere in the colour band to choose a colour, and click and drag in the larger box to refine your selection:

To upload a photo click Choose a Photo. Choose an image and then zoom into the image using the slider, and click and drag the image to reposition it:

After customising your colour and photo you'll be presented with the result:

You'll see your chosen photo throughout the website and mobile app:

And your profile colour will be used to highlight your events on the calendar screen:

Change an employee's profile colour and photo

Full Users (with permission to view the ⚙ Settings page) can edit the colour and photo of their staff.

Head to your Profile icon then select ⚙ Settings > Users and click the name of the employee you want to change the profile colour and photo for:

You'll enter the employee page. Click the pencil button or Edit Avatar to change their profile colour and photo:

The same options described above will be shown:


Staff aren't able to change their profile colour and photo from the Fergus mobile app. They'll need to login to the Fergus website to make these changes themselves.

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