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Fergus Go Cheat Sheet (Essentials)
Fergus Go Cheat Sheet (Essentials)

Get a quick run down of the Fergus mobile app

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A quick overview of the key app pages you'll use most when on the road.

Home Screen

This is the first screen available after logging in and displays the following:

Coming up next - Shows a daily view of Job information

Unscheduled Jobs - The number of jobs that have been assigned but haven't been scheduled yet

Create Job Request (+ button) - Located in the bottom-right corner, allows you to create job on the go.

Calendar - Shows the jobs you are scheduled to do today and in the future (personal for each user)

Timesheet - Summary of time entered. Can be viewed Daily or Weekly. Allows you to add uncharged time entries.

Notifications - Recent changes, updates, or mentions that you need to be aware of

Hamburger Menu Button - Located in the bottom-right corner, this reveals more options for navigating Fergus.

Job/Site Visit Card

View extended job details

View customer/site address - can click map pin to go directly to Apple/Google Maps

Start Timer to track length of Job. Alternatively, add the time entry by hitting the Blue Plus Button found at the bottom-right corner

Time Entries - View the time entries, past and present that have been added to the job.

Assignments & Events - Add or edit the employees that are assigned/scheduled to a job.

Stock Used - Add stock that was used on the job to ensure costs are calculated correctly.

Photos - Upload related photos to the job.

Files - View files that were uploaded via web version - provided you have an app installed on your device that can handle it.

Notes - Add any notes to a job so that other staff can view important information. You are able to tag people using the ‘@’ symbol then typing the staff members name.

Forms - Fill out, assign to employees, and sign Forms. PDFs can also be viewed under Files once your Forms have been submitted.

Checklists - Add Checklists to the Job to ensure staff has all the tasks and instructions they need to complete a job the way you want it completed.

Certificates (Currently available in the UK) - Add gas and oil Certificates to jobs. Quickly create, fill out, preview, attach photos, and sign Certificates. To learn more about UK Certificates, please visit this article.

Quote on the Go

Once you have created a Quote job card via the app, you can choose to create a quote now or later. It will automatically create a Draft Quote for you if you do not choose to create one now.

You may Preview the Quote, Save it as Draft, Duplicate the version and Publish the Quote to email to customer while out and about.

Hamburger Menu Button

Options vary according to plan and permissions

Unscheduled Jobs - It shows the jobs that have been assigned to you but haven't been scheduled in your calendar yet.

Noticeboard - Company-wide notices and communication.

Settings - Allows you to change phone number for two-factor authentication. Enable GPS location on your mobile app.

Contact Us - To contact support if need assistance

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