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Price Books in Fergus (Essentials)

How to create a new supplier and upload .CSV Price Book files into Fergus

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Here, we will show you the steps to get your suppliers .CSV Price Book into Fergus to have a record of all their products readily available for your Quotes, Estimates and Invoices.

In this article, we'll cover how to:

  1. Create a new supplier

  2. Upload the .CSV Price Book

  3. Assign column information

  4. Manage your Price Book

When to use it

Using a .CSV Price Book in Fergus keeps a local copy of the products you purchase so you can easily fill Quotes/Estimates and other areas of Fergus with up to date pricing.

How to use it

1. Creating a new supplier

The first step to getting your .CSV Price Books into Fergus is to create the Supplier in Fergus. Go to your Profile icon then select Settings, then select Price Books. This will lead you to the Price Books page then click the Add Supplier button.

A pop-up will appear where you input the supplier name. When you're finished click the "Create Supplier" button.

Refresh your page and the new supplier you've added will appear in the Price Books page.

Another way to add new suppliers is to pull them from your accounting package. Once you have connected your Fergus account to your accounting package, click Import Suppliers from Xero/MYOB in the top right.

It will show a pop-up of all the suppliers you have stored in Xero/MYOB.

Tick the boxes next to the supplier names you want to be copied to Fergus. When you're done click Import Suppliers.

2. Upload the .CSV Price Book

Now the Supplier is recorded it can have a .CSV Price Book uploaded against it, either drag and drop the file into the blue section or select Choose Files to open the file browser on your computer and select the .CSV.

Once you have selected the file Fergus will then open a new window for you to select the Supplier you wish to add the Price Book to and select "Import".

3. Assign column information

A pop-up appears where you need to assign the columns so Fergus reads the information in the way you want. You will need to assign 'Product Code', 'Product Name' and a 'Sell Price' at minimum for Fergus to understand the information and store it.

Select "Upload This Price Book" once the columns are assigned. This will take up to an hour depending on the size of the file, a notification will advise you that this has completed.

4. Managing your Price Book

Once your Price Book is in Fergus there are a number of things you can do to manage this. In the Price Book area select the Supplier to view more options.

  • Download Arrow: Click to download the last copy of the Price Book you uploaded.

  • Delete Supplier: is selectable once you have removed the Price Book attached to the Supplier. You only need to delete a Supplier if you have completely stopped ordering from them.

  • Remove Price Book: removes all items attached to the Supplier to start from scratch. You don't need to delete the Price Book every time you upload, Fergus checks the Price Book for changes and only update products that have had a price change.

  • Contact Email Addresses: can be stored here for quick access when creating a Purchase Order for this Supplier. Last price book upload shows you when you last updated this so you can check if you are using the most up to date file.

  • Default Sales Account Code: allows you to assign a Sales Account code for all products from this Supplier when using Fergus with an accounting integration.

  • Xero account used for supplier invoices payable: allows you to select whether you want to use the default account your accounting software uses for Purchases or change to another account.

  • Xero account used for supplier credits: allows you to use either the default from your accounting system or specify a particular account.

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