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Automatically Send Reminders for Quotes, Estimates and Site Visits (Essentials)
Automatically Send Reminders for Quotes, Estimates and Site Visits (Essentials)

Setup scheduled event reminders or notifications for Quotes and estimates to send automatically via SMS

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This feature allows you to automate these 2 crucial processes (Quote & Estimate Visits and Site Visits) in your workflow. It will help you improve your relationship with your customer by ensuring a streamlined and efficient communication channel.
You can automatically send reminder SMS messages for scheduled Quotes and Estimates visit, Site Visits, or both!

When to use it

You can remind your customer that you're heading over with automatic SMS schedule reminders. This can be used at any point and can also be turned off at the job level if you don't want this process in place for a certain job.

How to use it

General Settings

  • Hop on over to your Profile Icon next to Help (?) button then select βš™ Settings

  • Reminders is where you can turn on SMS reminders for scheduled quotes / estimates and/or scheduled site visits events

  • Configure each section with who should receive the notification and at what interval

  • All set! Depending on your selections, all the Quotes/Estimates and/or Scheduled Events will be sent an SMS reminder from now on

  • You can turn off these settings at any point, thus stopping all reminders across your account.

  • Note You'll need to have enabled SMS to use Reminders

On Job Level

  • Go to the Job you want to edit the SMS reminder options for

  • Click on Job Summary in the sidebar and scroll to the bottom of the page

  • You will find the same 2 options as in βš™ Settings

  • You can disable the SMS reminder for this job only, change who to send the reminder to, and customise the time frame.

Note: You won't see the Quote/Estimate SMS reminder option on Charge Up jobs.

Please be mindful of the time frames you specify

If you set reminders to go out 12 hours beforehand you might get a grumpy customer woken up at 3am!

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