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Completing Forms (Mobile & Desktop)
Completing Forms (Mobile & Desktop)

Stay on task and do the best job, on every job.

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Forms provide your staff with tasks and instructions that ensure your business processes are being met on every job.

Completing Forms on the job is as simple as ticking a couple of boxes, allowing your staff to get back on the tools as quickly as possible. This lets the business know in real-time how things are tracking and maintains accountability.

In this article we'll cover how to:

  1. Filling and submitting Forms in the mobile app

  2. Filling and submitting Forms in the desktop web app

When to use it

For staff on the tools, use Forms to make sure you're completing all the required tasks that the business has set for the job you are working on. Checking off items will communicate to the business (and others working on the job) that you've completed one (or all) of the required tasks. This keeps everyone in the loop and ensures no work gets missed.

How to use it

1. Completing Forms on the mobile app

On the mobile app, navigate to a Job or a Job Phase. Here you'll find a menu item called Forms under the Tools section.

Tap "Forms" to view the list of Forms that have been added to the Job or Job Phase.

Here you can see:

  • Who is assigned to the form

  • The date this form is due for submission.

  • The Form Status (e.g. To Start, In Progress, Submitted)

To add a Form to the Job or Job Phase, tap on the blue plus (+) button on the bottom-right corner of the screen:

From there, start by choosing the Form template from the provided drop-down menu. Optionally, you can designate a specific employee, define a due date, or include extra details. Once you've made your selections, proceed by clicking the "Add" button.

Once the Form template has been added to the Job or Job Phase, you can simply click on the desired form that requires completion.

To check off items on the Form, tap the different elements and select/complete them according to their type. When all the items that have been marked as required have been filled in the form is ready to be completed.

Please do not "Submit" a form until all the data required has been captured.

Once a form has been submitted, a PDF will be generated and added to the Job Phase's Files section.

You can view your completed Forms in the Forms list on the Job.

2. Completing Forms on the desktop web app

In the Fergus desktop browser app, navigate to a Job where the Form you want to fill is located.

In the left side menu, click on Forms. The number of Forms you have for this Job is indicated by a counter e.g. "Forms (2)"

Here you can see:

  • Who is assigned to the Form

  • The date this Form is due for submission.

  • The Form Status (e.g. To Start, In Progress, Submitted)

  • Where the Job is attached to the Job Card (e.g. Job or Job Phase)

To complete a Form, click the Form's name in the table. This will open the Form in an edit mode. If system tags are used, we will highlight them in purple and display the current values we have for those tags in this Job/Job Phase context. Don't worry, until the Form is submitted, these will stay as system tags and only publish the value upon submitting the Form.

If the Form being filled has a system tag that does not exist in the Job/Job Phase context, this will not be resolved and you will have to remove it or type the value manually. If an unresolved system tag remains like that upon submission, this will be blanked out in the final Form.

Resolving system tags when there are multiple values. There can be situations when a system tag returns multiple values. A few examples are when you have more than 1 contact on a Job or multiple Job Phases. In this case, the system will ask you to pick one of these values.

Form settings
Once you are editing a Form, you can click on the cog icon and see its settings where you can

  • Assign Form to user/s or group/s

  • Set due date/Time

  • Set Reminder

  • Add extra information that may be relevant for the person filling the Form

Filling up a Form from a Job Phase on the desktop

You can also fill up a Form from a Job Phase page in the same way you do on a job. For this, navigate to a Job Phase and click on the Form name under Job Phase Forms.

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