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Adding a photo of a packing slip
Adding a photo of a packing slip

How to quickly add a photo of a packing slip to a job

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Adding a picture of your packing slip is a very useful feature we offer at Fergus. Make sure you've updated your app to use this feature (see this article for help).

To add a photo of the receipt, open up the site visit you wish to add the photo to and tap Supplier Documents:

Once in the Supplier Documents page, tap the + button on the top right and this page should pop up:

Then you be asked to add a:

An invoice to come

A credit to come

Once you have selected one of the above, you will need to fill out the information below: 

Then you will have to fill out the information, tap the Take Photo button and you can choose to take a picture at the present moment, or choose an image you have already taken.

Once this has been saved, you will be able to find it in the Supplier Documents page in the job card.

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