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Mobile App Cheat Sheet

Get a quick run down of the Fergus mobile app

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Events Screen

First screen available when logged in

Shows the jobs you are scheduled to do today (personal for each user)
Hamburger Menu Button in top left hand corner, pops out more options for Fergus
Plus Icon in top right hand corner creates a Custom Event (not a Job), eg an Office Meeting
Can navigate between future/past days using Date Arrows, or use the Calendar to jump ahead/behind

Hamburger Menu Button

Options vary according to plan and permissions

Events - shows daily view of Job information
Status Board - Overview of all Jobs sorted by there current status
Notice Board - Company wide notices and communication
Timesheet - Summary of time entered. Can be viewed Daily or Weekly
Notifications - Recent changes, updates or mentions that you need to be aware of
Tasks - A list of Tasks that have been assigned to you (Professional plan feature)
Search - Find job or customer information
Create Job - Create a Job with the Fergus Mobile App
Health & Safety - View and edit recorded incidents. Find Medical Centres (Pro feature)

Job/Site Visit Card

View extended job details

View customer/site address - can click map pin to go directly to Apple/Google Maps
Start Timer to track length of Job. Alternatively add the time entry by hitting the Green Plus Button
Time Entries - View the time entries, past and present that have been added to the job
Hazards - Add hazards to a job. These can be checked and marked as mitigated (Pro feature)
Stock on Hand - Add stock that was used on the job to ensure costs are calculated correctly
Supplier Documents - Add any materials that were purchased for the job from a supplier in person
Purchase Orders - Add any materials that you need to order from a supplier that you have an account set up with (Pro feature)
Assign & Schedule - Add or edit the employees that are assigned/scheduled to a job
Certificates - Add CoC’s or Safety certificates to a job (Add On feature)
Invoices - Create an Invoice for the job.
Notes - Add any notes to a job so that other staff can view important information. You are able to tag people using the ‘@’ symbol then typing the staff members name

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