Creating Purchase orders

How to create and send off a purchase order

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Purchase orders are simple to create and can be accessed from within your jobs. Hop over to a job you'd like to send an order from and select Purchase Orders from either the Costing menu or the Purchase Orders tab on a Job Phase:

Click Add New Purchase Order and you'll be asked to fill in some details:

Supplier You'll want to specify who the order is for! This can also be blank if you're sending the order to multiple suppliers to get the best price.
​Order Type Choose from Pickup, Delivery, and Price. If you're using a supplier integration (see below) this option won't be available.
​Order Number We'll populate this for you, but feel free to use your own.
​Contact, Date & Time, and Notes / Delivery Instructions These are optional and let you add additional information your supplier can refer to.

Import from quote

If you're ordering many items from the job's quote, you might find it easier to use this option. Click Import from quote and choose the sections you'd like to import. For anything you don't need to order, simply click the x cross beside the item.

Manually create an order

If you're just ordering a few things or you're working off a charge-up job, you can add items to the order in the Add a Line Item box.
By default, line items from all suppliers are returned as results, but you can click the truck icon to filter by your chosen supplier.

Once you're happy with your order, click "Email" to email off your order. Fill out your supplier details (as per this article) so that their emails appear in the To field.

Supplier Integrations

If you purchase from a supported supplier, we offer integrations that send your order through to your chosen branch for immediate fulfillment.

Make sure you've enabled the supplier integration as per the articles in our Integrations area.
Instead of seeing Email, you'll see "Send to Merchant" which will send your order to your chosen branch. You'll also find a new branch selector:

If you choose an item not present in the chosen supplier's price book, you'll be alerted and the Send to Merchant button will be greyed out:

Once your order is sent, we don't recommend updating it again as it may be too late! Get in touch with your branch to make any adjustments to the order once it's sent.

Please note that Purchase Orders are a Professional Plan feature only.

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