This feature is in beta. Please let us know if you'd like to try it out!

To start syncing your supplier and customer invoices to Quickbooks, head on over to ⚙Settings > Quickbooks and click Connect to Quickbooks:

Quickbooks will ask you to authorise Fergus to access your account. Login to your account to authorise Fergus:

If you have access to more than one company, choose the one you'd like to connect to here:

Now that you're connected, you'll need to specify which accounts Fergus will sync with.

We recommend setting up two accounts in Quickbooks for Material Sales and Labour Sales. Use the dropdown menus to select which Quickbooks accounts you use for Purchase Invoices and Supplier Credits, and which tax codes you use for Sales,  Expenses, and Rounding Adjustments.

Make sure you also choose which accounts Material and Labour Sales sync to as your invoices will not sync without these specified:

That's it!

Your new invoices will automatically sync across, and you can import your customers from Quickbooks by following this article.

For an explanation on how sync works, see this article.

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