You can create certificates for every one of your jobs in Fergus. To get started, hop on over to ⚙ Settings > Certification:

Enable the certificates you want to use in Fergus, and then tick which users can sign and complete these certificates:

Don't forget to enter the Licence Number for every user signing certificates

Next you'll need a signature! Open the Fergus mobile app on your smartphone and hop on over to ⚙ Settings > Signature Capture:

Now you're ready to create certificates! Open up a job and click Certificates in the sidebar:

Fill out all the fields you need:

Use the Edit and Preview buttons to see how your certificate looks before you sign and complete it.

When you've filled everything out, click Complete certificate to create a PDF and save a copy to the job's Files & Photos. 

Note that completed certificates cannot be edited.

To see all certificates you've ever created, head over to the Certification Report found under the Reports menu.

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