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Send 2-way text messages (Essentials)
Send 2-way text messages (Essentials)

Enable our SMS integration to text your staff and customers from within Fergus

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Enable our handy SMS integration to start sending SMS messages from within Fergus.

To get started, hop over to your Profile icon on the top right corner of the page > ⚙ Settings > Integration Centre > SMS and hit Enable:

We'll get you started with 20 free text messages to try out the service, and from then on you can buy more messages in bundles of 100.

Every reply will send you a notification in your Notifications screen. Messages relating to a job will also appear in that job's Notes & History.

Your customers may be charged for replying to your SMS.

Because messages come from a number assigned by our SMS provider, we can't guarantee what number messages will be sent from, so we recommend that you include your company name in any messages sent. Our SMS templates include your company name by default. This also means we cannot guarantee SMS replies will be received after 48hrs as the shared number is re-used by our SMS provider.

SMS is currently available in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

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