This article will cover how to set up SMS as an additional authentication method for your Fergus profile login. Once set up, Fergus will send you a code via SMS/TXT to enter into Fergus every time you login from a new device.

If you aren't yet familiar with two-factor authentication (2FA), we recommend looking at our other help articles for What is Two-Factor Authentication.

Please note while authentication with apps like Authy will work on mobile once they're set up, only SMS verification can be set up from the mobile app. If you want to use an authentication app like Authy, you'll need to do this on the desktop version of Fergus.

How to set up SMS Authentication on the Mobile App

1. Login to your Fergus account on mobile. If you don't have two-factor authentication set up on your profile you will be taken straight to the "two-factor authentication set up" screen.

2. Select your countries mobile number prefix. E.g. Australias is +61 and New Zealands is +64.

Next, enter in your mobile number and press Send.

3. Check your text messages for your first authentication code from Fergus. If you haven't received it, press Back and repeat Step 2 to receive another code.

4. Enter the code you received via SMS into the Fergus app and press Complete.

5. If the error "MFA code does not match" appears, try typing in the code again.

Please note the code expires 3 minutes after being sent. Press Back and repeat Step 2 onward to receive a fresh code.

6. If your Fergus dashboard appears, your two-factor authentication is successfully set up!

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