We offer syncing for two accounting packages right now:
MYOB AccountRight Live

You can connect to your preferred accounting package by following our guides here.

How does sync work?


When you Approve a customer invoice it is automatically sent to your connected package. When you receive payment for your invoice, you reconcile this in your accounting package and the invoice is marked as paid (or partially paid) in Fergus.

Supplier invoices and credits are synced across when you process them. Make sure you choose Assign and Sync after choosing a job to assign the invoice or credit to.

Your Customer Details

When you edit a customer's details in Fergus, these changes are synced across with their next invoice.
Customer sync is one-way, meaning edits made in your accounting package do not sync back to Fergus.

Your Supplier Details

Supplier details do not automatically sync between your accounting package and Fergus, but you can head to ⚙ Settings > Price Books and use the Import Suppliers button to bring them across.


We do not support inventory sync. If you'd like to bring your accounting package inventory into Fergus, you can export your inventory as a CSV file and then upload it into Fergus as a custom price book. See this article for help on uploading your exported file.

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