Note: Fergus Certificates is a paid Add-On only available for New Zealand.


Having the right certificates and staying on top of compliance is necessary in your business. Fergus Certificates is a secure, electronic management tool that allows business owners to easily create, store, manage, and send compliance and safety certificates online.

In this article we'll go over:

  1. How to set up your Certificate Settings

  2. How to attach a Certificate to a job

When to use it

All certificates are saved to the job card so you can easily send completed certificates with invoices and other customer documents. This tool makes sure you can keep your customers happy and informed knowing that everything is up-to-date and exactly where it needs to be.

How to use it

1. How to set up your Certificate Settings

What You Need to Do

Go to "Settings" then "Certification". Toggle the "Enable/Disable" button for the certificates you want to use in Fergus, and then tick which users can sign and complete these certificates.

Note: Enter the Licence Number for every user signing certificates

What your Team needs to do

Next your employee who you have allowed to sign & complete Certificates need to add their Signature. To do this, open the Fergus mobile app and go to "Settings" then "Signature Capture". When they're finished creating their signature click "Save".

2. How to attach Certificates to a job

Open up a job and click "Certificates" in the sidebar. Then click "Create New Certificate" button and choose which certificate you want to attach to the job.

Fill out all the fields you need.

You can also preview the form by clicking on "Preview".

When you've filled everything out, click "Complete certificate" to create a PDF and save a copy to the job's Files & Photos. 

Note: completed certificates cannot be edited.

To see all certificates you've ever created, click on "Reports" and select "Certification Report".


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