Keeping track of emails or paper invoices from suppliers can be challenging and time consuming for any business. By connecting your Middy's account to Fergus, invoices will automatically be sent to your Fergus account and appear in Supplier Documents.

This article will cover:

• Connecting Middy's to Fergus
• Configuring the Connection
• Confirming the Connection

When to use it:

Connecting your Middy's account can save you time on admin and paperwork associated with supplier invoices, leaving you free to concentrate on more important things like running your business.

How to use:

Connecting Middy's to Fergus
In order to connect Middy’s to Fergus, you MUST have an account for Middy’s new EDI Pathway platform. The Middy’s team should have provided you with an account if you had access to their previous Middy’s Online platform.

Note: If you’ve never had a Middy’s account, you will need to request one from the Middy’s team via this email address here

Step 1
To get started, Log in to your Middy’s account here: https://edi.middys.com.au

Step 2
Click on “Integrations”in the left side navigation panel. This will display any available integrations. To connect to Fergus, click the “Connect” button under the Fergus logo. 

If you are already logged into Fergus, you will be taken directly to Fergus and your connection will be complete.

Step 3
If you are not logged in to Fergus, you will be taken to the Fergus log in screen. Logging into Fergus will complete the connection process.

Log into Fergus using your Fergus username and password.

Confirming your Connection in Fergus
To confirm your connection to the Middy’s EDI Pathway in Fergus, go to Settings and open the Integration Centre, then select Middy's.

Confirming your connection in Middy’s EDI Pathway
To confirm your connection to Fergus, log in to the Middy’s EDI Pathway and click Integrations in the left side menu.

Here you can also view the Middy’s Invoice Import Log to see how many invoices were imported on a specific date.

Note: Fergus runs a request to Middy's every 5 minutes, so if an invoice is ready in the Middy's EDI Pathway platform, it should display in Fergus within this timeframe.

If you are not sure whether the Middy’s EDI Pathway is connected to Fergus, try refreshing the Middy’s settings page in Fergus, and the Integrations page in the Middy’s EDI Pathway.

If you’re waiting on an invoice to appear in Fergus, please be patient, it should arrive within 5 minutes.

Thanks for taking the time to read our Article, if you have any questions please get in touch via support@fergus.com

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