Before you can import your supplier documents you will need to have your suppliers added to Fergus.

You can Import suppliers from Xero or MYOB or add a new supplier manually - more information on doing this can be found from this link:

Once your supplier has been added, download your supplier invoices and credits from their respective Trade Portal or from your email and save them to an easily accessible folder.

Click ‘Supplier Documents’ in the menu bar

Drag & drop one or more invoice or credit files (of the same supplier) into the blue box. 

You will then be prompted to select the supplier they are for from a list

Click the invoice in the list once added to review the items in it, then Click ‘Assign’

From there click ‘Assign and send to accounting package’ or ‘Just Assign’ to assign to the job only.

If your supplier is not listed with their logo and they can provide invoices in csv format, then we can look at adding them to our list - this process is covered in more detail here:

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