Chesters invoices and credit notes now automatically sync to Fergus.

To get your invoices out faster, and cash flowing quicker, follow the setup instructions below:

1. To get started, login to your Chesters trade account:

2. Click Your Details at the top of the web page

3. At the bottom of the web page that loads click Generate Security Token

4. Select everything in the Security Token box and copy it.

5. Back in Fergus, click ⚙ Settings, head to the Integration Centre in the side menu, and select Chesters.

6. Paste the security token you copied into the API Key box and click Save API Key:

Congratulations, your Chesters account is now in sync with Fergus!

Invoices and credit notes sync every five minutes.


If your invoices are not syncing make sure you've set the supplier name to Chesters in ⚙ Settings > Price Books:

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